It is critical for car or auto accident injury victims to have a full evaluation with Dr. Viscusi as soon as possible after the car injury occurs, and we make this easy with our convenient location in Vacaville. The reason that timing is essential, even after a low-speed car accident, is that the forces exerted on the body during a collision can cause a multitude of soft-tissue injuries that may not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the car injury occurred. Heroic emergency room doctors who are pressed for time often overlook these types of injuries because they have to focus on immediate, life-threatening injuries first. For example, patients with whiplash, which is by far the most common car accident injury we see, are often sent home from the emergency room with a neck brace and some pain relievers, neither of which can solve the long-term damage.

As for whiplash, there are over three million cases of this car injury every year. Collision forces shove the head and body in different directions, severely straining the neck's delicate network of muscles, vertebrae, ligaments and tendons. Especially at low speeds, the victim may not think they have sustained an injury. A few days or weeks later, however, the victim may start suffering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, and vision problems, but be unable to pinpoint the cause.

Other auto accident injury cases involve debilitating back pain, leg pain and shoulder pain. While traditional medicine often prescribes medications and surgery, both of which can cause more complications down the road, our chiropractic approach helps the body recover by addressing the root causes of the pain naturally and very effectively. We skillfully realign vertebrae that are out of alignment in the back or neck due to car accident trauma, which relieves pain from pinched nerves. We address the often overlooked soft tissue injures through physiotherapy techniques tailored to each patient's needs. We help our patients find pain relief, regain range of motion and strength.

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