Finally a doctor who listens, who treats the cause not just the symptoms. I have been to many "specialists" to have little or no improvement in my health or wellbeing. Dr Viscusi takes the time to review his findings and explain their affect on my health. In my eyes he is "priceless." - Lisa B, Vacaville

Dr. Viscusi is such a great listener and pays extremely close attention to details. Details are especially good, when you are talking about something as important as your health.” - Scott H, Fairfield

It has been a joy to work with Dr. Viscusi, he is the first chiropractor in a 2 year journey to find something that might be causing my neck pain. He has been very helpful. He is a great resource not only for office visits but outside of the office for any questions I have had. I love his prompt and thoughtful response to my questions. More importantly he has a passion for chiropractors and taking care of his patients! - Ryan L, Vacaville

Once I started high school, I started having problems with my lower back. I'm not sure what started these problems, but when it hit it was hard to stand up straight and walk around with a smile on my face. After a few years of pain and many visits to my medical physician, I went to see a Chiropractor. Dr. Viscusi took x-rays and sat down with me to thoroughly explain why I was feeling the way I did. He started me on a program including therapeutic massage followed by a chiropractic adjustment. I am very happy with the results. Through routine chiropractic care, I am feeling amazing. My back rarely goes out of alignment, and when it does, my visits to the chiropractor correct the problem almost immediately! Thank you Dr. Viscusi! - Kathleen H, Dixon 

I injured my back lifting weights last year and was struggling keep up with my workout schedule, even running. Since coming to Dr. Viscusi I’ve felt a big difference and the pain is almost gone! - Kurt P, Vacaville

Low back pain, not any more. Headaches, not any more. Arm numbness, not any more shoulder pain, not any more! Thank you Dr Viscusi! Chiropractors Rock! - Sam E, Vacaville

I would strongly reccomend anyone seeking a chiropractor to check out Dr. Viscusi. He is very good and always explains why I am feeling pain. He has reduced my back and neck pain significantly. - David G, Vacaville

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